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The institutes are committed to provide excellent research facility to its faculty and students with respect to infrastructure and instruments. The research project on Centre for research on Organic Farming has made nine recommendations for farming community. Microbiology department runs research scheme on eco-friendly bio-fertilizers and department has made 3 recommendations for farming community. Under Strengthening of Horticultural Research & Developmental activities seven recommendations have been made for farming community. For scientific community, the department of agricultural statistics has made 5 recommendations regarding optimum plot size of different crops. The department of agril. chemistry and soil science runs scheme  i.e. Studies on Management of Poor Quality of Underground Water in North and North West Agroclimatic Zones of Gujarat. Under this scheme total 764 irrigation water samples were collected from the wells and tube wells of  North and North West Agroclimatic Zones of Gujarat and they were analyzed for Electrical Conductivity (total soluble salts), pH, CO3=, HCO3- , Cl-, SO4=, Ca++, Mg++, Na+ and K+ content. SAR and RSC values were also calculated. From the results of these samples it is revealed that the salinity is the major problem but the problem of sodicity is meager.

Banana tissue culture

We performed banana tissue culture for mass multiplication as well as production of virus free plant.  Banana tissue culture also used for on hand training of UG and PG students. Approximate 2500 plants were produced for farmer cultivation.

Pomegranate tissue culture

The area of pomegranate in Gujarat increasing day by day and demand of healthy planting material is also increasing. Supply of quality plantlets is insufficient as majority of plantlets are produced by conventional propagation method. Large number of plantlets of pomegranate can be produced through tissue culture technique of micropropagation to full fill future demand of farmer. Micropropagation of pomegranate for production of large number of plantlets is under progress.

Production of Micro tuber from potato through tissue culture technique

Seed cost of potato is high at time of sowing. For reduction of production cost with quality material tissue culture can be a appropriate option. Research experiment for cultivation of potato seeds from micro and mini tuber is under progress.