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Agricultural Research Station, Adiya

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   The SDAU has taken charge of Taluka seed farm since April 1, 2008. The farm was started with a view to produce Breeder, Foundation, Certified and Truthful seed on a large scale through augmentation of seed production programme and quality through improved seed production technology.

   Soil and water being most critical natural resources to be managed judiciously for sustainable crop production. The improper and indiscriminate use of these resources lead to deterioration in soil health consequent to low productivity.

   Agricultural Research Station, Adiya that is 15 km away from Patan, the district head quarter of district Patan 95 km away from Sardarkrushinagar a principal campus of Sardarkrushinagar Dantiwada Agricultural University. It lies at latitude of 23.460 N and longitude 72.000 E and at an elevation of 82.08 M above the Mean Sea Level. The station is well connected with road (State highway No. 10) and railways (Ahmedabad - Jaipur line). The nearest airport is Ahmedabad that is 145 km from the station. The overall climate is semi-arid. The summers are hot and winters are cool and dry with an annual average rainfall of 600 mm.


   The research station has a well developed 17.12 hectare research farm along with farm equipments and implements and well established Office cum Laboratory building