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Agricultural Research Station, Aseda


   Seed is an important biological entity for cop production. Among all the agricultural inputs seed is a cheapest basic input and plays a vital role in boosting the crop production. Agricultural Research Station, Aseda was started in September 1966 with a view to produce pure, improved and good quality breeder and foundation on seeds of different crops on a large scale to provide the seed growers under the seed production program. It becomes part of GAU in 1973 and S.D.A.U. in 2004 when universities were formed.


Agricultural Research Station, Aseda is situated on the Patan-Deesa state highway. It is 40 km away from Sadarkrushinagar a main campus of SDAU. It is 45 km away from Palanpur railway station and 160 km from Ahmadabad International Airport. It lies at latitude of 24˚ 50' N and longitude 72˚ 00' E and at an elevation of 136 m above Mean Sea Level.


Agricultural Research Station is falls under the north Gujarat Agro-climatic Zone-IV of the Gujarat State. The area receives erratic and less precipitation with high evapotranspiration due to high temperature and wind speed. The average temperature during summer is 40˚C, while during winter 8˚C. The weather condition is quite favorable for normal growth and development of the crop. The average rainfall the region is 550 mm. Due to this large area suffers from water scarcity, which adversely affect on economy of the area.


Soil the research farm is placed under inceptisol and sub group typic ustisammant. It is deep and well drained having sandy to sandy loam in texture.

Sr. No





7.2 to 8.0


EC at 25oC. dSm-1

0.10 to 0.20


Organic Carbon

0.20 to 0.30


Available Phosphorous

22 to 55 kg/ha


Available potash

214 to 460 kg/ha