Sardarkrushinagar Dantiwada Agricultural University

Devoted to Prosperity of Agriculture and Farmers

Agricultural Research Station, Aseda

Research Aspects

    This centre is seed production farm; however research work is carried out on this station. Experiment related to soil and water management technology. The other experiments like MLT, SSVT and LSVT are taken under the guidance of concerned crop scientist.

    Breeder seed programme of different crops are taken each and every year, which is suggested by the crop specialists for the seed growers. There are also starts to produce Foundation seeds of different crops. Truthful seeds of different cops like Mustard, Wheat, Seasamum, Cumin, Fennel, Green gram, Cow pea, Black gram, Cluster bean, Sorghum etc. are produced each and every year for the needy farmers. These seeds are sold to the farmers as the University fixed rates on this farm.