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Agricultural Research Station, Ladol

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The Agricultural Research station came in existence in the year 1981 with an objective of producing large scale breeder seed of wheat thereafter rustica tobacco research scheme was shifted from Vijapur to this station in 1995 with the aim of research and development of high yielding, good quality and disease resistance varieties. Testing and verification of different entries of mustard, castor, wheat, pulse and vegetable crops are carried out on the station. Breeder as well as truthful seed production of various varieties of crops viz; wheat and tobacco is another important activity of this station.


Agricultural Research Station with a total land of 107.39 hectare provided by Ladol Gram Panchayat on token base price rate. The center lying between 230 38' to 230 41' N latitude and 720 41' to 720 44' E longitude is situated 12 Kms away from Tehsil Place Vijapur and 52 Kms away from district Place Mehsana and located 4 Kms away from village Ladol on the roadway to Kharod. State transport buses, private taxies and autorikshaws service are available to reach the center


The climate of the area represents the tropical conditions with semi-arid climate. The mean annual rainfall of this region for the last 13 years ranges from 173mm to 1013mm with an average of 618mm. In general monsoon is warm and moderately humid. Winter is cool and dry, while summer is quite dry and hot. The station is agro-climatically categorized under North Gujarat Agro-climatic zone-IV. The soil of the station is sandy to sandy-loam, low in organic matter, poor in soil fertility and water holding capacity. The topography of the area is gently slopping from N-E to S-E direction.