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Center For Resource Conservation Technology Cum Farm Machinery And Power Engineering, Sardarkrushinagar


  The centre for Resource conservation Technology Cum Farm Machinery and Power Engineering was established in April, 2008 after reorganization of Rural Engineering Department, Sardarkrushinagar. The centre is constituted with some staff and Budget Heads (Non-Plan) during reorganization of activities of Rural Engineering Department. The main aim of this centre is to provide an infrastructure for multidisciplinary Resource Conservation Technology and Farm Machinery and power Programmes and to play lead role in developing appropriate need based and cost effective resource conservation technologies and dissemination of technology to the farming community for adoption. The centre function with and interdisciplinary approach for field problems of current importance and the scientists working on the centre research projects includes Resource Conservation Technology and Farm Machinery and Power Engineering. The centre makes an excellent extend resource for the farm machinery industries. The centre also serves to reduce the drudgery, cost of cultivation, by proper management of natural resources.