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Seed Spices Research Station, Jagudan


Year of Establishment : 1961

The research activities on spices were scattered and unorganized prior to 1950. In 1961-62, a scheme for research on spices and condiments was sanctioned with head quarter at manud. Therefore, this scheme was shifted to Vijapur in 1965-66. Research work related to cumin, fennel etc. was carried out under the Essential Oilseed Research Scheme in the set up of and other crops viz.,coriander, fenugreek, chilli etc. were included under the spices research scheme. In 1964, the technical control of spices research scheme was handed over to the Department of Botany, College of Agriculture, Junagadh with head quarter of spices research scheme at Pilwai and that of Essential Oilseed Research Scheme at Vijapur in 1972, when Gujarat Agricultural University came in to existence, again all these research schemes were shifted to Vijapur in 1979. However, due to difficulties for irrigation, the Spices Research Scheme was shifted to Jagudan (Mehsana) during 1980-81. In view of the need to strengthen the research on spices, Indian Council of Agricultural Research sanctioned the AICRP on spices in 1974-75 which started functioning activities in 1978-79. At present, the technical control of the Spices Research Station, Jagudan is with Research Scientist. In 2005, the horticulture farm of Horticulture Department of Govt. of Gujarat handed over to this station and the Vegetable Scheme is also shifted to this station in 2006 under the control of Research Scientist (Spices).