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Wheat Research Station, Vijapur


  Centre of Excellence for Research on Wheat was established in 1962 to cater the research and development needs of irrigated wheat in central India in general and Gujarat in particular. Ever since, the station has done enviable work in wheat research and development by coordinating the multi-disciplinary and multilocational activities of varietal improvement, resources management, crop protection and quality improvement technology including quality seed across the diverse ecosystems for increasing and stabilizing the wheat production. This is evident from the fact that the station has given 60 recommendations to the farming community that range from cropping system to the judicious utilization of dissipating resources like water and nutrition. These recommendations have been instrumental in increasing wheat production with concomitant reduction in cost of production by a sizeable margin in the state. Needless to mention, the station has predominant share in wheat improvement in Central and Peninsular India too. The centre has ultra modern wheat quality and soil science laboratories. Research capabilities and facilities are being strengthened through various network projects to enhance output of the centre.