Sardarkrushinagar Dantiwada Agricultural University

Devoted to Prosperity of Agriculture and Farmers

Livestock Research Station, Sardarkrushinagar


Year of establishment: 1978

Livestock Research Station maintains the purebred Kankrej cattle as well as Mehsana & Banni buffaloes with an objective to improve, preserve and supply superior germplasm of these breeds. Efforts are in progress to establish and develop elite herds of Kankrej cows and Mehsana buffaloes with a maximum level of production through pure breeding and selection. Genetically superior bulls are supplied to Gram Panchayat, Gaushalas, Panjarapole and other NGOs working for improvement of Kankrej cattle and Mehsana buffaloes. The center also maintains the demonstration and instructional farms of Crossbred (HFK) cattle, Patanwadi sheep and Mehsana Goat. During recent years the vermicompost unit and semen processing laboratory were established at LRS. It also acts as centre of training, education and research for undergraduate and post graduate students of Veterinary and animal sciences, Agriculture, Rural sciences and livestock inspectors. Thousands of farmers, animal owners, animal lovers, executives from various fields and general citizen visit the center and the scientists and technical staff of the center provides them the information of their interest. Progeny testing in Kankrej cattle is running under the station encompass 33 villages for AI and record keeping under the progeny testing scheme.