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Regional Research Station, Bhachau


   Regional Research Station, Bhachau was established in 1954-55 to impart agricultural education (Agricultural Diploma) in Kachchh. There after, it was initiated as a testing centre for deshi cotton and oil seed crops in 1963 under State Agricultural Department with an objective to test promising cultivars of deshi cotton and oil seed crops under dry farming situation. In 1972, this station became a part of Gujarat Agricultural University. According to National Agricultural Research Project (NARP), it was categorized under North-West Agro climatic Zone in 1982. In 1982 NARP came in existence especially for the reclamation of saline-sodic land of Kachchh. Presently this is a key centre of Kachchh where experimental work on problematic soils on different crops especially on cotton and oilseeds are going on.

   The region falls in North-west Agro Climatic Zone of Gujarat State, which is characterized as semi- arid zone. The pattern of rainfall is erratic and varying from 250 mm to 450 mm. Due to this climate large area suffers from drought. The soil is sandy loam and saline. The major crops grown are bajra, sorghum, pulses like green gram, mothbean clusterbean and oil seed crops like castor, groundnut sesamum and cotton crops. All these crops are primarily grown under rainfed conditions and hence they depend on rainfall received from south - west monsoon.

Unit Head

Dr. Ami Haji Sipai
Mo.: 9925337989  &  9104237036