Sardarkrushinagar Dantiwada Agricultural University

Devoted to Prosperity of Agriculture and Farmers
The List of Research Stations with their Mandate
Sr.No.Research StationsResearch Area
01 Main Castor Mustard Research station, Sardarkrushinagar Research on Castor & Mustard
02 Centre of excellence for Research on Pulses, SardarkrushinagarResearch on Pulses
03 Centre for Agroforestry, Forage crops and Greenbelt, Sardarkrushinagar Research on Agroforestry & Forage crops
04 Centre for Watershed Management, Participatory Research & Rural Engineering, SardarkrushinagarDryland Agriculture Research Plasticulture Research Station Water management(MIS)
05 Centre for Crop Improvement, Sardarkrushinagar Research on cereals & potential crops
06 Seed Technology Unit , (Unit 1 to 5), SardarkrushinagarBreeder/ Truthful seed production
07 Centre for Post Harvest Technology & Agro- Industries, SardarkrushinagarResearch on Post Harvest Technology & Agro- Industries
08 AICRP on Farming System Research, SardarkrushinagarResearch on Cropping System
09 Centre for RCT Cum Farm Machinery & Power Engineering, SardarkrushinagarResearch on RCTs , Farm Machinery & Power Engineering
10 Livestock Research , Station, SardarkrushinagarResearch on Cattle, Milk Production & Mixed Farming
11 Central Instrumentation Laboratory, Sardarkrushinagar
  • Biotechnology
  • Soil Health Card
12 All India Coordinated Project on Arid Fruits, SardarkrushinagarResearch on Arid Fruits
13 Potato Research Station, Deesa
  • Research on Potato
  • Value addition in potato,
14 Agricultural Research Station, SihoriSeed Farm
15 Sorghum Research Station, DeesaResearch on Grain & forage sorghum,
16 Agricultural Research Station, Aseda
  • Breeder/truthful seed production
  • Seed Multiplication
17 Centre of Excellence for Research on Wheat, Vijapur
  • Research on Wheat
18 Centre for Research on Seed Spices, Jagudan
  • Research on seed spices
  • Research on vegetable
19 Agricultural Research Station, Ladol
  • Research on Tobacco
  • Seed Multiplication
20Agricultural Research Station, Talod Research on oilseed crops
21 Agricultural Research Station, RadhanpurDry farming research
22 Agricultural Research Station, KholvadaSeed multiplication
23 Agricultural Research Station, Adiya
  • Seed multiplication
  • Research on salt affected soil
24Fruit Research Station, Dehgam Research on Arid fruits
25Agricultural Research Station, Bhachau
  • Dry farming research
  • Soil salinity research
  • Research on RCTs and woman training
26Date palm Research Station, Mundra Research on Datepalm
27Agricultural Research Complex, KotharaResearch on groundnut, bajra, and dry farming research
28Agricultural Research Station, Bhiloda
  • Seed Multiplication
  • Research on maize