Sardarkrushinagar Dantiwada Agricultural University

Devoted to Prosperity of Agriculture and Farmers
Research Priorities
  • To carry out basic and advance research in biotechnology, molecular biology and plant tissue culture

  • To standardize the tissue culture protocols for various crops: date palm & papaya

  • To develop biochemical and biotechnological methods to create data bank to strengthen the breeding work of various crops in the region:

    1. To screen the diversity for iron and zinc sufficiency in wheat using molecular markers.

    2. To identify putative target genes for iron and zinc concentrations in bread wheat.

  • Delineation of nutrient status of soils of Sabarkantha, Aravalli and Mehsana districts of SDAU jurisdiction

  • To develop integrated micronutrient management technologies in important crops of this region for their use efficiency

  • Research on micronutrient requirement of new emerging crops of the area

  • To enhance micronutrient use efficiency by micronutrient enriched organics

  • To carryout quality parameters analysis of various crops

  • To carryout phytochemical analysis of medicinal plants

  • Biochemical and nutritional evaluation of different varieties of maize

  • Quality profiling of seed spices

  • To evaluate pesticide residues status in various agricultural produce